The Story of a High School Football Player Burned Alive as an Infant is Incredibly Uplifting

By 11.13.13

According to the Tampa Tribune

The carpet burst into flames.

Moments later, Ernest was burning alive.

His skin curled from the bone. Hair sizzled into the roots. Ears incinerated. Joints melted. Finger tips fell off in ashes.

No one noticed until the room was engulfed, too hot to enter. Seconds … minutes ticked away.

Firemen rushed onto the lawn and Ernest's mother, Faye Shorter, screamed that her baby boy was still in there. A fireman ran into the inferno and out with Ernest, limp in his arms. Still alive, but barely. His stomach raised and fell ever so slightly.

He was rushed to the hospital, burned over 70 percent of his body.


Ernest Mills' story, while tragic, is not only about sorrow, it's about his ability to constantly overcome hurdles that would trip up lesser men; to see himself for more than just a face and body that was 70 percent burnt to a crisp. You can pity him for the way he looks, although I don't think he'd want your fuckin' pity. The video below only further proves that assumption.

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