How To Discreetly Hint to Your Girlfriend That She’s Getting Fat

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Having said this, it’s not unreasonable to expect your partner to maintain her body or at least some level of fitness after you’ve gone Facebook official. This especially applies if you’re still hitting the gym and keeping fit. If your girlfriend is progressively eating more like Adele each day, it may be time to address that. Needless to say, broaching the subject needs to be done as delicately as possible. If you don’t come at it with a strategic angle you can expect to get bitch slapped. 

Before we even get started, take a second to reflect on your own physique. Is your six-pack still in tact? Or has it slowly disappeared after demolishing numerous six packs in a night and skipping the gym the next day so your girlfriend can help cure your hangover? Chances are that if you have put on a few pounds she has noticed a slight decline in your appearance and she’s decided to accept it. Why? Because she loves you or is falling in love with you and the expression “love is blind” applies to beer guts too. In this scenario you can make a big impact by bringing up how you’re going to start trying to lose weight. Once she hears that it will light a fire under her ass to do the same.

If you’re in a situation in which you’ve maintained your weight while your girlfriend began cultivating a muffin top, something has to change. Obviously you care about her a lot because if you didn’t she would be single and you wouldn’t have made it this far into my article. If you think she’s blissfully unaware of the weight she’s gained, you are very wrong. Some women who are thin spend a great majority of their time telling others how they think their fat. These women are annoying. Women who actually are putting on weight and are beginning to get fat typically don’t speak about their weight as often. Your chubby girlfriend knows she’s bigger than she used to be but she also knows that complaining about it isn’t sexy. So she pretends as if everything is normal and then complains to her girlfriends when you’re not around.

Trust me, she knows about her weight gain. And she most definitely doesn’t need your help in pointing it out but she might appreciate your help in slimming down by making healthier choices together. Below are a few ways to do that.

Inspire Her to Get Active by Upping your Fitness Routine
The easiest way to get a slimmer girlfriend is to get off the couch and get active together. Join a gym with her or have her become a member at yours. Alcoholics Anonymous works because there is a loving support group of likeminded people motivating one another to improve. It’s a lot harder to give up on something when someone else is relying on you to do your part. Consider this new step in your relationship Fatties Anonymous. “I feel like I’m not giving it my all at the gym. Will you start coming with me? I could use your support.” This is how you introduce the topic. She feels like you need her emotionally so you better believe she is going to show up. She also thinks its all about you and is oblivious to the fact that you said that to get her ass on the treadmill. Keep it going and go together often. Even if you have totally separate routines and barely see her there, you’ll catch up after for some post-gym shower sex.

Eat Better
Most of my guy friends’ refrigerators and pantries are full of beer, soda, processed foods and high sodium, empty-calorie snacks. Or they only have beer and rely solely on take-out for nourishment. The more often your girlfriend is in your apartment, the more often she’s eating these fattening foods. Tell your girl that you want to improve your diet and you need her help. (Side note: Noticing a trend here? Yes, we like to feel needed and we like helping you. It’s a maternal, female thing that we instinctively enjoy. So roll with it and let her “help” you). Stocking the fridge with healthier options will make it easier to slim down. After college, Bagel Bites can no longer be considered a food group.

Repurpose “Date Night”
When you go out on a date or spend a night in with your girlfriend, it usually involves eating, drinking, ordering in or snuggling on the couch with a movie and a bag of chips or ice cream. Do that enough times and you’ll soon be dating Miss Piggy. Not to mention the extra lard you’ll be toting around. Try replacing those lethargic “date night” activities with something that will get you fit. Train to do the Tough Mudder together, go on a bike ride or just walk around town for an hour or so. Not only will you both start to slim down, you’ll get brownie points for coming up with creative date ideas.

Plan a Vacation in which She’ll be Half-Naked
Plan it out, buy the tickets and mark the calendar. A looming beach vacation will inspire her to rediscover her beach body – fast. I’ve never worked harder at anything in my life than when I was working out before Spring Break my senior year. Keep her motivated by encouraging her with positive comments, like how amazing she’s going to look in her bikini.

Good luck and if things start going South, be sure to immediately drop the subject, tell her you love her body and begin planning an escape route before you’re dating a diabetic.


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