HS Girl’s Basketball Team Pours Urine Into Opposing Team’s Water Cooler, Gives Me Flashbacks

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During those games we oftentimes got thirsty and we drank from the already filled water bottles sitting on the sideline. One night, this proved to be a POOR DECISION. After our first game, we went over to the water table as we did many times before, grabbed the already-filled green Gatorade bottles, took a few hearty gulps — the kind you take when you ignore taste for quenched thirst — and then we realized we were drinking room temperature piss. 

The next game was postponed for twenty minutes while some of us induced vomiting and those less disgusted by the harrowing event took a moment to digest the D-1 urine they just swilled. 

A similar situation occurred last month at a high school girls basketball game. 

According to the Daily Mail

An entire girls basketball team drank contaminated water during a game last month after rival players poured a cup of urine into their water cooler, it has been revealed.

Parents at Monett High School in Missouri are furious and public health officials are testing the members of the Lady Cubs team to determine whether they risk serious diseases from drinking the urine-spiked water.

Four Cassville High School players urinated into cups and dumped one of those cups into the drinking water that Monett used during the February 4 game at Cassville.

Monett lost the match, 26-37.

The girl whose urine was poured into the water cooler is being tested to determine whether she carries any infectious disease that could be transmitted to the Monett players.

Yeah, I can sympathize with the opposing team on this one. 

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