Indianapolis Pacers’ Roy Hibbert to Fulfill Young Fan’s Dying Wish

by 5 years ago

“Once I heard he had a dying wish, I knew I had to do something more than send him presents and Skype with him on the computer,” Hibbert said.

“I'm usually uncomfortable going to hospitals when the Pacers do events because it's pretty tough to see kids in that situation. Once I heard about (Lee), I realized I had to get over it and do it for him.”

Hibbert knows his visit with Lee won't save the boy's life. He simply wants to enjoy the time they will share and try to lift Lee's spirits as much as possible.

Hibbert also plans to have his mouth swabbed to see if he's a bone marrow match.

“I've had two family members die of cancer,” Hibbert said. “It's tough. I seriously don't know what I'm going to say to Lee. I'm just going to be myself. If I can get a smile out of him that will be great.”

It’s a stand-up move from Hibbert, who became a favorite of Eddins while playing at Georgetown.

But the real hero in this story, of course, is the kid battling for his life. The Indianapolis Star does a great job detailing his fight, which he’s undertaking with great bravery.

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