Joba Chamberlain’s Ankle Injury Was Life-Threatening

by 6 years ago

Dr. Steven Weinfeld, the Chief of the Foot and Ankle Service and Associate Professor or Orthopedic Surgery at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, said an open dislocation could be a “career-threatening injury.”

“The dislocation means the ankle bone is forced out of its socket by some sort of injury and 'open' means the skin is ripped open, like with what Joe Theismann had with his injury,” said Weinfeld, who has not treated Chamberlain but is an expert on such injuries. “This makes it a much more serious injury because the skin envelope has been violated. When the skin is intact, it's much easier to heal.”

“This makes it not only a career-threatening injury, but a limb-threatening injury. There is a small percentage of people who end up with an amputation. There are a small percentage of people, if the skin envelope doesn't heal, they are susceptible to infection and that can lead to amputation. These days, that's less likely to happen because we have good antibiotics.”

Weinfeld added, “I would be very surprised if he played this year. He won't be able to weight-bear for two or three months, let alone start baseball activities.”

And with that, I will never step foot on a trampoline again.

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