Ken Clausen’s (Obvious) National Championship Prediction: Virginia

by 6 years ago

Y'all act like you never seen a team LOSE before! Virginia takes a couple losses during the regular season and everyone goes into a fit. Sure, there was a bit more to it, but I think more than enough time has been spent discussing that. Everyone knows that at the end of the day, it's about playing your best ball in MAY. Hater or not, you're going to have a hard time fighting the fact the Virginia is RED HOT heading into Final Four Weekend.

Starsia has these guys playing their best lacrosse at the right time. The defense has been alternating between zone coverage, man to man, and a combination of both to disrupt the opposing offenses. The offense has been distributing the ball unbelievably (SGT. STEELE) and some unfamiliar faces are starting to appear more and more often on the scoring column. Virginia has been using guys with specific skill sets in certain roles or situations much more this post season, making Virginia VERY hard to put a finger on.

Experience? Check. This senior class is now in it's FOURTH consecutive Final Four. Wait, yes, I can hear it now… “never made it to the Championship game though.” Yeah, you're right, but I think the mettle of this group has been tried, tested, and Championship Approved. These guys have got what it takes.

How about the history between Starsia and Tierney? What a match up between Virginia and Denver.

How about 2011 ACC Champion Maryland against 2010 National Champion Duke?

This Memorial Day Weekend we have the “old school,” “new school,” and everything in between. Can't wait. Going to be a great weekend! See you in Baltimore.


—Ken Clausen

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