Last Chance for Fantasy Football Waiver Romance

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Before we dive into likelier options, here's a list of guys that should most definitely be rostered: Toby Gerhart (RB, Minnesota), Maurice Morris (RB, Detroit), Antonio Brown (WR, Pittsburgh), and Michael Crabtree (WR, San Francisco).

Christian Ponder (QB, Minnesota) — Available in 92.2% of ESPN Leagues
It's not necessarily always pretty, but Ponder has been effective from a fantasy perspective since becoming a starting QB. He's only had one game of less than 10 points and he's averaged 15.6 points in those other five games. He'll likely have a shootout with the Lions on his hands this week, so the possibility of back-to-back 20-point games isn't out of the question. He's certainly better than an ass clown like Joe Flacco, who's only averaged 10.4 points in his last seven games. (FAAB spend: $2)

Marion Barber (RB, Chicago) — Available in 82.7% of ESPN Leagues
The Bears' offense looked as putrid as possible after Matt Forte got injured last week. Caleb Haine is showing he can't pass for an NFL QB, which means opposing defenses will put at least eight men in the box to stop the running game. Starting NFL RBs always have some fantasy value (look at how the mediocre talents of Chris Ogbonnaya and Maurice Morris have produced in games this year), so Barber is definitely worth grabbing. Owners, however, just need to keep their expectations rather low. (FAAB spend: $12)

Bradon Saine (RB, Green Bay) — Available in 100% of ESPN Leagues
It appears as if the Packers finally recognize it's not worth rushing James Starks back to watch him get re-injured. I guess the third time is the charm. The Packers are expected to be managing the lead in their game against Oakland and Green Bay likes to share the load at RB like a adult entertainment star does at a gang bang. All Packers' RBs need to be held at arm's length, but he might be able to fit a need for you at the Flex this week. (FAAB spend: $6)

Khalil Bell (RB, Chicago) — Available in 99.8% of ESPN Leagues
As previously mentioned, the Bears know how bad Caleb Haine is. There will be a heavy focus on the run and they know Barber can't handle the load by himself. Bell will probably get 8 to 10 carries a game and be the pass catcher. It's not exactly like picking up DeMarco Murray, but owners in large leagues or those in need of desperation Flex plays could find worse options. I'd rather give him a shot than guys like Jackie Battle, Thomas Jones, James Starks, Kendall Hunter, John Kuhn, and Marcel Reese. And before you cry wolf, these players are actually being played in larger leagues because of lack of other options in the player pool. (FAAB spend: $4)

Santana Moss (WR, Washington) — Available in 40.6% of ESPN Leagues
Moss might've slipped under the radar since his game since returning from injury hasn't been at a Pro Bowl level, but this could be the week he breaks out. Playing New England is fantasy gold for WRs (just ask Pierre Garcon), so Moss could help your lineup this week. (FAAB spend: $8)

Malcolm Floyd (WR, San Diego) — Available in 42.4% of ESPN Leagues
Given how many games Floyd actually plays in a season because of injuries, it's not surprising if you forgot about him before last night's strong performance. Floyd took advantage of a mediocre Jags’ secondary to put up four catches for 108 yards and a TD. He's still the third option behind Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson, but there is acceptable value as a low-end WR3 or Flex play if your team is dealing with injuries. Buffalo shouldn't pose him too much trouble this week either. (FAAB spend: $5)

Demayrius Thomas (WR, Denver) — Available in 98.2% of ESPN Leagues
There's no doubting that Thomas has physical ability akin to that of a Kate Upton or Erin Heatherton. Thomas flashed it a couple times last year when healthy enough to be on the field and bounced back from an off-season Achilles tear with a couple booming performances this year as well. The problem with owning him lies in the Broncos' offensive style and QB. There are only so many passed to go around between Thomas and Eric Decker and neither of them have been too consistent. You can roster Thomas on the chance that Decker get hurt (somewhat likely given his college career) and Tebow continues to improve, but the likelihood of you actually starting him in a game is slim. (FAAB spend: $4)

Brad Smith (WR, Buffalo) — Available in 99.8% of ESPN Leagues
Since taking over as a starting WR for Buffalo, Smith has 11 catches and 149 yards in two games. Throw in a touchdown and that's not the worst performance from a WR. The Bills are a pass-heavy offense in the post-Fred Jackson era and will have to throw a lot this week in a shootout with San Diego. (FAAB spend: $2)

Golden Tate (WR, Seattle) — Available in 99.8% of ESPN Leagues
Tate grabbed four balls for 47 yards and one TD in his first start at WR for Seattle. With Sidney Rice and Mike Williams out, Tate is the best talent on the roster and will see a few balls from Tarvaris Jackson. At least the balls that actually are accurate enough to not land at his feet… (FAAB spend: $2)

Johnny Knox (WR, Chicago) — Available in 33.8% of ESPN Leagues
Earl Bennett was Jay Cutler's receiver of choice and it appears Knox fits that mold with Haine. The problem is obviously that there aren't enough superlatives to describe Halie's inability to play QB. At least you can find solace in the fact that the Bears will likely be losing, will have to throw, and Knox will be the one Haine looks for most. (FAAB spend: $2)

Nate Burleson (WR, Detroit) — Available in 80.4% of ESPN Leagues
Own Burleson at your own risk. He's averaging 6.25 catches and 69.5 yards in the last four games, but he's always been known to disappear. It hasn't happened recently because it seems that teams are focusing on bracketing Calvin Johnson in coverage, but don't expect more than dollar value at the dollar store. (FAAB spend: $1)

Donald Driver (WR, Green Bay) — Available in 82.5% of ESPN Leagues
He's a name you remember, so you might be inclined to make a claim for him. Don't fall for the trap of make-up sex. Driver should be avoided like that crazy ex-girlfriend who broke into your house and came at you with a butcher knife. There are too many more talented options in Green Bay for Driver to regain his success. (FAAB spend: $0)

Robert Meachem (WR, New Orelans) — Available in 48.9% of ESPN Leagues
For analysis on Bob, see Driver, Donald. (FAAB spend: $0)

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