Lingerie Football Chick Advises Women to Avoid Sexual Assault by Not Dressing ‘Like a Whore’

By 08.30.12

The gals at SlutWalk also had a field day with Ford's comments:

Last night, Krista Ford, who happens to be the niece of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, tweeted what she seemed to have considered helpful 'safety' advice following a Toronto Police press conference re: a recent string of sexual assaults in Toronto. What Krista said was problematic for many reasons, including placing the onus for preventing sexual assault on a potential victim, pointing to clothes as a reason or inciting factor of sexual assault (time and time again proven to be untrue), and shaming survivors with 'don't dress like a whore'. When anyone says that 'dressing like a whore' makes someone liable to be raped, they're blaming existing survivors for their own victimization.

Let's break down some more what was wrong with Krista's tweet, and why victim-blaming is not only wrong, but unhelpful to current, and sadly future, survivors.

– The majority of people are sexually assaulted by someone they know. A family member, partner, friend.
– 'Stranger in the alley' (while this does indeed happen) do not form the majority of sexual assaults and this construct often diverts attention from where blame should be placed, and what types of conversations about 'safety' and 'precaution' can actually be helpful.
– Women in all types of dress, uncovered and fully covered, are sexually assaulted.
– As are children.
– As are men and boys.
– As are trans and intersexed people, and others who do not identify with the gender binary.

Slutwalk. No longer just a fun word to say.

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