Man With No Legs Scales Kilimanjaro in Seven Days USING ONLY HIS HANDS

By 06.20.12

According to the Daily Mail:

The 31-year-old, from Toronto, Canada – who lost his legs when he was just five years old – reached the summit of the 19,341ft high Mt. Kilimanjaro on Monday after a slow, gruelling and awe-inspiring trek.

Mr West was born with sacral agenesis, a genetic disorder that left his lower spine poorly developed and his legs permanently crossed.

Medical experts told the courageous Canadian he would never be a functioning member of society but he has continued to defy doctors his entire life.

He trained for a year to scale the tallest peak in Africa without legs and set off on June 12 with best friends David Johnson and Alex Meers.

The trek to the top took seven days, hiking through Tanzania's jungles, snowfields and deserts – and Mr West was forced to make 80 per cent of the journey on his hands, only hopping in a custom-made wheelchair when the terrain allowed.

Even though he has far less weight to tow, I can't fathom how he pulled this off. I'm gassed after doing a few hundred push-ups. Hell, I have trouble washing my hair without my arms cramping after doing pull-ups and a few sets of curls. So to carry even half myself that distance with only my arms seems unimaginable.  

Son of a bitch, this guy's a king. An inspiration, too.

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