Missouri Man Invents Knokkers, Live-Sized Bowling-Meets-Pool Game

by 7 years ago

The inventor is former cage fighter Steve Wienecke, who created the first Knokkers “table” in his backyard in Missouri.

According to a recent article in Rural Missouri magazine:

“With help from local businesses who donated material, Steve's new gaming table took 200 hours to build. In the process, he used 38 railroad ties, five truckloads of gravel and 4.25 yards of concrete. He bought used bowling balls from the alley in town.

“It's exactly like a regulation pool table, only everything is scaled up to four times the size,” he says. “Even the dimensions of the pockets are the same, just a lot bigger.”

He hopes to create a portable version with durable balls and sell it to, you guessed it, bars with really big outdoor spaces (and rich people with really big backyards). Apparently a few in California have already showed interest.

The table sits a foot and a half off of the ground and is covered with a heavier-duty felt than you'd find on a real table. When it's your turn, you can pick up the cue ball and throw it any direction you want, but you can’t move your feet once you’ve touched it. “It's safe, fast-paced, and entertaining for others to watch,” the Knokkers website says. “Let's just say — it's very different, but in a good way.”

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