North Carolina Has Published Julius Pepper’s Transcript, and We Have No Clue Why

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On July, 21 of last year, North Carolina fired Butch Davis for academic violations. Among other things, the coach had an assistant named John Blake who had some really sketchy ties to a sports agent, as well as a tutor named Jennifer Wiley who gave players cash and “provided impermissible academic assistance” to athletes. It has been alleged for a long time in the state, though, that the scandal always went deeper than just Davis and his underlings, but the university hasn't dug any deeper in other cases of possible academic fraud.

Now, sh*t's gotten weird. The Charlotte Observer put out a story Friday detailing UNC's reluctance to look into cases of academic fraud before Davis's reign, especially classes taught by Julius Nyang’oro, who has been accused of teaching classes that didn't actually exist to football players. In the story, the Observer talked about an incident when a reporter showed a “test transcript” used on UNC's academic website to university officials. The test transcript looked like a transcript of a player involved in the Nyan'oro scandal

Two months ago, a reporter showed university officials what is characterized on UNC-CH’s website as a “test transcript” developed to help students and advisers use a computer program that tells them what courses a student still needs to graduate. The test transcript, which dates back to 2001, has several characteristics that are consistent with the issues raised by the academic scandal.

UNC officials say it is a made-up transcript, but they have declined to look at records to be certain the transcript was not lifted in whole or in part from a real student’s academic record.

That transcript probably belonged to Julius Peppers. A poster on an N.C. State message board put up what he claimed was Peppers' transcript as found on the UNC website, and it's a near match for the test transcript on UNC's site.

Which means that North Carolina either knowingly or unknowingly released his transcript to the public. As a Duke grad, this incompetence delights me to no end, although I do feel sorry for Peppers, who graduated 10 years ago and doesn't deserve to have his name dragged through the mud for his school's mistakes.

What's the transcript look like? It's not pretty. Peppers had a 1.84 GPA and there's a few high grades in classes that are now suspect. Check it out:

Now we wait to see what the school has to say about the matter. Why the hell would they do this?

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