Here’s Your Official 2012 U.S. Open Drinking Game

by 6 years ago

To help deal, we've created this healthy drinking guide. It's perfect to play while crowded around the TV over the weekend or underneath your desk at work on Thursday or Friday. Think of some more to add? Let us know in the comments.

Someone just make an eagle? DRINK

Someone just make a birdie. DRINK (It has to be live.)

The camera pans to a hot girl in the crowd. DRINK


Boom. Hole-in-one. DRINK

… By drink we mean SHOTGUN A BEER

“Lee Westwood has never won a major.” DRINK

“Luke Donald has never won a major.” DRINK

“Andy North, you’ve won two of these things.” DRINK

They just showed Tiger’s chip-in to win the Memorial. DRINK

Tiger is at least six strokes out of the lead, and NBC is still showing every one of his shots. DRINK

Did a fan just yell “get in the hole!”, “you da man!” or “mashed potatoes!”? DRINK

There's a flashback of Casey Martin finishing in the top 25 of the 1998 U.S. Open. DRINK

Zach Johnson attempts to lay hands on Casey Martin and heal his leg. DRINK SACRAMENTAL WINE

Johnny Miller just said something that makes you want to punch him in the ch*de. DRINK

Rickie Fowler is wearing orange. DRINK

Did they just show that creepy as f*ck Phil Mickelson Enbrel commercial? DRINK

He didn’t blink, did he? DRINK

You just saw Bubba Watson hit a drive over 350 yards. DRINK

Hey, it’s Andy Zhang, the youngest player to ever play in the U.S. Open. DRINK

TAKE A SHOT of paint thinner if Rick Reilly is talking about him in rhyming couplets.

You remember Father’s Day is on Sunday. TAKE A CAB TO THE HALLMARK STORE

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