Here’s Our Official Monday Night Football Drinking Game: Green Bay vs. Seattle

by 5 years ago

One drink for each

  • First down
  • Punt
  • Replay
  • Commercial break
  • Promotion for upcoming ESPN program
  • Flashback to Russell Wilson’s career at Wisconsin
  • Allusion to Packers’ 15-1 record last season

Two drinks for each

  • Turnover
  • Pass interference call
  • Time Wilson’s height is mentioned
  • Reminder Pete Carroll coached USC
  • Time the infamously loud Seattle crowd is lauded
  • Replacement ref error
  • Discussion of Rodgers’ early-season struggles

Three drinks for each

  • Challenge
  • Touchdown
  • Field goal
  • Cheesehead in the crowd
  • Time defensive coordinator Dom Capers is mentioned
  • Time Cedric Benson’s troubled past is brought up
  • Time you’re forced to think about Greg Jennings’ groin
  • Anyone on your Facebook feed details the game’s fantasy football implications
  • Time someone brings up Vince Lombardi

Finish your drink if

  • Rodgers does the championship belt thing-a-ma-jig
  • Marshawn Lynch is referred to as “beast”
  • You miss Nirvana
  • You miss the Seattle SuperSonics
  • You aren’t drunk enough

Expert's pick: Green Bay 27, Seattle 20

Pass-Out Percentage: 21 percent

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