Oklahoma State Student Punched In the Face for Saying Football Is a Stupid Sport

By 09.05.12

via Stillwater NewsPress

Captain David Altman said two students in Davis Hall got into an argument over the value of football as a sport. Altman said the victim told his roommate football was a stupid sport. The roommate did not agree and asked him to go outside, Altman said. The victim told police he intended to leave anyway and misunderstood the question.

Once outside, Altman said the roommate struck the victim several times with his fists, causing minor injuries.

Lieutenant Mark Shearer said the victim was transported to Stillwater Medical Center, where he was treated and released with minor injuries.

Altman said the case will be referred to the Payne County District Attorney’s office for consideration of charges. He added no names will be released at this point as charges have yet to be filed.

America, keep on keepin' on.

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