Oregon Girls Basketball Championship Game Ends with 16-7 Score Due to Ridiculous Stall Techniques

By 03.13.12

Out-matched by Springfield, Willamette coach Paul Brothers tried to execute game plan built on a reverse-psychological stall tactic: Slow things down, painfully. During the second quarter, Willamette held the ball for EIGHT MINUTES without passing it or dribbling it, just eating up those precious minutes. That whittled the clock down to six seconds left in the half with Springfield up 4-0. KEZI 9 Sports has a timelapse of the action and it's BRUTAL to watch.

Continuing to utilizing the stall tactic, Willamette stayed within two possessions into the fourth quarter, when Springfield pulled away to handily win the State Championship. Ultimately, the plan backfired and the team who tried to stall the whole game ended up losing. Though this isn't unheard of in high school hoops, it's hard to believe he plan ever would have truly worked. Some might call it instant karma. Draw your own conclusions in the comments.

H/T: Prep Rally

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