PSA: Five Years of NCAA Financial Statements Were Leaked Online

By 11.17.11

Those are the key numbers you need to know today, along with $356 million; that's how much, per the leaked financial statements obtained by Deadspin, the NCAA has invested in invested in various financial markets. Apparently the NCAA had accidentially left its internal SharePoint site unsecure and, thus, open to just about anyone to obtain financial statements from 2004 to 2008. To the surprise of no one, most of that revenue is from the NCAA Basketball Tournament in March. Per the doc*ments, $359 million went back to D1 universities in 2008. You'll also notice that $230 million went to staging championships, competitions, and various athletic programs in all three divisions. $26 million was used in 2008 for the NCAA's general managerial expenses. If you're interested in the (very, very, very lucrative) business side of college sports, browse through Deadspin's treasure trove.

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