Video of Psycho Cowboys Fan Teaching his Son how to Burn a Tony Romo Jersey

By 10.03.11

Here's one way to raise a little pyromaniac, show him how flammable and fun lighter fluid can be. This Cowboys fan/Father of the Year candidate made this video of him teaching his very young son on how to burn a Tony Romo jersey. I'm pretty sure the 7-year-old could care less if Romo threw zero interceptions or fifteen, all this kid cares about is if he gets a new Transformers toy.

If you're pissed at Tony Romo, go burn your jersey, burn all of your Cowboys gear, including your Michael Irvin crack pipe, but don't involve your 7-year-old son. The kid is adorable minus his dying seagull laugh and shouldn't be taught by his father that to solve your problems you merely burn something to smithereens, leave that to the fathers of Vancouver Canucks fans.

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