Red Bull’s ‘The Art of FLIGHT’ Goes Big; Does Not Disappoint

By 09.13.11

One thing is for certain, the imagery, cinematography, sound-design, visual effects and editing are all top notch right down to the bangin' soundtrack. The film has its ups and downs, taking you around the globe to some of the most remote, outlandish mountains accessible by man. Riders including Jeremy Jones, Scotty Lago, John Jackson and Pat Moore prove that Travis Rice isn't the only all-star in this cast. A myriad of helicopters, planes, snowmobiles, snow cats, and even a boat transported the athletes around the globe which left us wondering how much this all cost to make happen. We're not mad though, some of the most breathtaking shots in the movie had nothing to do with snowboarding.

My only critique of the film is that the actual riding isn't where it needs to be in 2011. The big mountain riding is certainly impressive, but there are only so many double corks you can put in a single movie before the viewer begins to get bored. I couldn't land a boardslide if I tried, but I know there are other films out there offering more technical, progressive snowboarding. Given how high the bar was set with Red Bull & Travis Rice's previous film 'That's It, That's All', it's hard to argue they come up a bit short on this one.

Regardless, 'The Art of FLIGHT' is still one hell of a movie. Travis Rice steals the show with his daredevil lines an mind-blowing stunts. The Red Bull team traveled from Jackson Hole to interior British Columbia to Patagonia and beyond to bring you one of the wildest snowboarding films ever. We definitely recommend you catch on the big screen this fall before it's too late. The film is also available on DVD and iTunes for those who can't catch a premier. EA Games has announced they will be joining Red Bull on the remainder of the stops to promote the relaunch of their popular snowboarding video game series SSX. Check out the full list of tour stops at

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