Records Show Shoot-First Point Guard Skip Bayless Scored 21 Points His Senior Year of High School

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Using yearbooks as source material, the sleuths are pretty sure Bayless didn’t play varsity hoops until his senior year, in 1970. He doesn’t appear on the 1969 varsity stat sheet and is identified in photographs as a member of the junior varsity squad.

And what of Bayless’s 1970 ledger? Surely it can back up his claims, right? Why would he lie about something like that when it could be clearly contradicted?

Stats don’t lie, right? Well, for the sake of Skip Bayless’ credibility, let’s hope they do. Check out the individual stats for the 1970 Northwest Classen High School basketball team. Remember, this was the great team that Skip allegedly started for:

Yep, Skip Bayless scored a grand total of 21 points in 15 games as the “starting” point guard for the 1970 state runner-up. That averages out to 1.4 points per game. Considering his coach didn’t like him because he “shot too much,” you have to wonder how low his field goal shooting percentage was. And thank God we don’t have Skip’s stats for assists, rebounds or turnovers. It would be sad to see John Hollinger’s brain explode while trying to figure out Skip’s PER.

So there you have it. We certainly hope this claim doesn’t affect his chances to win that Sports Emmy.

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