Soccer Player Liam Ridgewell Photographed Himself Wiping His Ass With Money, Brits Fuming

by 5 years ago

According to The Sun:

West Brom defender Liam Ridgewell, 28, squats over a toilet and wipes his backside with a wad of £20 notes.

He claims the sick stunt was simply a “joke” to wind up a friend — but it will infuriate more than just his pal.

The disgraceful snap — taken in the bathroom of Ridgewell’s £1.5million home in Barnt Green, Birmingham — was sent to The Sun by a West Brom fan who asked not to be named.

He said: “The people of West Bromwich earn a fraction of what this idiot earns yet he makes a mockery of his good fortune like this. It makes me sick.
“We’ve always thought footballers were arrogant, overpaid buffoons and this just proves it.”

Other fans also took umbrage with how Ridgewell likes to clean his turd hatch: 

Carpet fitter Ryan Walker, 24, said: “It’s insensitive to fans who have to scrape money together just to see him play.

“You wouldn’t catch me doing that with a £20 note.”

Painter Robert Jones, 38, said: “Even though he did it for a bet he should give a bit more thought to what kids who see it might think.

“It’s not doing much for the image of footballers.

“I’d be interested to hear what the Queen has to say about it too. He’d have been hung for that 100 years ago.”

Come on, people. I mean, COME THE FUCK ON. Do you see any feces on the Queen's face? This was clearly a photo op, a slightly offensive photo op given his public persona and the fact that your currency has the current queen on it, sure, but a fucking joke nonetheless. In fact, the biggest crime this dude committed is still owning a wooden toilet seat in 2012.

[H/T Deadspin via The Sun]


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