$ponsored Jerseys Coming To An NBA Arena Near You!

by 5 years ago

“(Stern) said the league is looking to add possibly $100 million in revenue by permitting small advertising patches on uniforms starting in the 2013-14 season.

“The view is, that the teams would need a significant time; one, to sell the patch; and number two, for Adidas to manufacture the uniforms, because the patch that would be on the players' uniforms would also appear on the jerseys at retail,” said Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver, who is handling the uniform change.


A post outlining who should sponsor what team may or may not be appearing on this site in the near future. As for Knicks fans and Cablevision subscribers…we'll lets just say the likely sponsorship is a match made in hell. 

[H/T: Bleacher Report, Via SI. Screengrab via Buzz Feed]


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