Dear Team U.S.A.: Please Wear These Jerseys During the Olympics

By 07.23.12

Today, though, no one is talking about the actual game. Because have you seen what the team was wearing?

Yes, the uniforms are a modified version of the 1992 Dream Team threads. The same classic logo design, the same lines running down the sides. They're made by Nike, not Champion—but otherwise, the throwbacks are nearly identical.

And if the team is smart, it'll keep wearing them throughout the tournament in London. Unlike these mediocre threads—with a logo that brings to mind the tattoo-inspired designs of an Affliction shirt (yes, I said it!) and shorts that don't even match the shirt—yesterday's throwbacks actually excited the players. They took pictures like 11-year-old Little Leaguers on picture day; the unis meant that much to them. 

“Those uniforms was nice,” Carmelo Anthony told the AP. “In the locker room, everybody was taking pictures with the uniforms. It just brings back so many memories from back then in ’92.”

Wear the jerseys for the Olympics and you connect today's team with one of the best times in basketball history. You connect them with Dream Team uniforms that represent a more fun time for USA Basketball. Winning in 1992 was secondary, and the team was dominant on a scale never seen before or after. It'd be nice to see some of that brilliance connect with this year's team. Even if it's just a connection that runs cloth-deep. 

Drop the crappy current design and go retro, Team U.S.A. At least your sales will be though the roof.

H/T: The Score

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