Finally! After 525 Losses, Teddy Roosevelt Wins His First Ever Washington Nationals Race

by 5 years ago

If you're unfamiliar with the tradition, here's the deal: During the 4th inning of every Nationals game, four mascots with the comically large heads of Presidents' Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt take the field to run a race that has literally no consequences. Yet fans have gotten really, really into these races, and the continued futility of Roosevelt—he was at over 500 losses and counting before today—has caused websites and signs that say “Let Teddy Win” to spring up in his support. I lived in D.C. last year. People literally dress as him when they go to the games. John McCain has gone on ESPN to lobby for him to win.

So here's what happened when he won today:

And here's what media members looked like when he won today, via Grant Paulsen:

Now go make some noise in the Playoffs, Washington.

And as for you, readers, now's the perfect time to introduce our brand-new Brash Brothers shirt, “Big Stick Bro!”

Unless Roosevelt comes back from the dead and starts wiping out herds of elephants any time soon, we definitely could not have picked a better time to introduce this shirt.

H/T: Washington Post

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