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Pro Football Talk's Jim Daopoulos, a former official, confirmed tonight that the NFL and referee's association have signed a new deal that will end the replacement referees' reign of terror and bring some order back to America's game. One has to think that Monday night's debacle is more or less responsible for this.

Adding to the good news: They start back on Thursday.

A crew is being assembled to work Thursday night’s game between the Browns and Ravens.  Then, on Friday, the officials will travel to Dallas to retrieve their equipment and receive their game assignments for Sunday and Monday, with the same crews working together as last year.

Details are still not clear, but Daopoulos says that the much-debated pension issue was resolved with the current defined-benefit plan remaining in place for five years before switching to a 401(k)-style defined contribution plan.

Also, it’s believed that the deal will cover five more years before this one, which means that we’ll potentially be doing this again in 2018.


Many more details to come.


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