Official Thursday Night Drinking Game: New York Jets vs. New England Patriots

By 09.12.13

One drink for each:
• Reminder of the bad blood between Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick
• Mention of Geno Smith
• Mention of Tom Brady
• Commercial break
• Time you realize you hate one, or both of these teams
• Brady completion
• Patriots wide receiver you can name

Two drinks for each:
• Piece of effusive craze for Brady
• Beer commercial
• Mention of Wes Welker or Danny Amendola
• Discussion about the Jets’ tenuous quarterbacking position

Three drinks for each:
• Run of 20-plus yards
• Pass play of 30-plus yards
• Shot of Robert Kraft
• Touchdown
• Turnover
• Field goal
• Shot of Mark Sanchez

Four drinks for each:
• Time you miss GRONK
• Shoehorned Tim Tebow reference

Chug your beer for each:
• Safety
• Time one team opens up a 10-point lead
• Onside kick
• Alleged Aaron Hernandez murder

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