In Honor of Brett Lawrie, Here Are 10 Ridiculous Baseball Meltdowns

by 5 years ago

Delmon Young Throws Bat at Umpire
Gotta load up on the pine tar next time, Delmon!

Jose Offerman Punches Umpire
That’s it? He got banned from baseball for life for that? I don’t even think his punch connected. Oh, that’s right, he did this just a few years before.

Minor League Manager Goes Off
You got to respect Phillip Wellman’s heart. He forever changed the game of arguing calls with the umps.

Roger Clemens Throws Bat at Mike Piazza

You mad, Rog?

Nolan Ryan Beats Up Robin Ventura
Don’t Mess with Texas.


Yankees-Orioles Brawl
Check out Daryl Strawberry.  He’s got to be coked-up out of his mind right now. He looks like he is about to murder the entire O’s roster.

Red Sox-Rays Battle Royale
Coco Crisp showing off his dodging and counterpunch abilities.

Randall Simon Ruins the Sausage Race
This never gets old. Randall, what the hell were you thinking?

Batter KO’s Catcher to Get to the Pitcher
Only dude who could maybe match this guy in a fight on this list is Daryl Stawberry, and that is contingent upon Strawberry’s level of lucidity.

Biggest Cheap Shot in the History of Cheap Shots
Nothing more intense than a little community college ball.


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