The Week 17 NFL Picks, Plus Some Strong Opinions on EDM

By 12.28.12

With not much to discuss other than the games in Week 17, I figured I’d toast everyone with the five best EDM songs of 2012. EDM has really taken off in 2012 with its acceptance into the mainstream, the dominance of big-time acts taking over Coachella, and Ultra seeing so much demand that it realized it needed two full weekends next year. I’ve moved into EDM because I grew up on rap and rap just ain’t what it used to be. We had a list of the best 50 EDM songs of 2012, but I furiously disagree after looking at the list.  Here’s my opinion of the top five songs with a sixth thrown in there for good measure.

Honorable mention: Mike Snow – “The Wave” (Thomas Gold Remix)
It’s not as mainstream as the rest, but it’s as good of a bump jam as any out there. It can really get you fired up for a big night.

5. Avicii – “Silhouettes”
Avicii brought his A-Game by selling out Radio City Music Hall in New York City on back-to-back nights. “Levels” is the song that we all know from the Swedish DJ, but “Silhouettes” is a smooth track as well.

4. David Guetta featuring Sia – “She Wolf”
Guetta’s known for bringing in the big names to do songs, but he helped elevate Sia to international attention with “Titanium” and brought her back for this one.

3. Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso  featuring Ryan Teder – “Calling (Lose My Mind)”
DJs apparently grow on trees in Sweden. Ingrosso and Alesso team up a lot and they added the vocals of Ryan Teder to their background beat that was released in 2011 to blow up one of the biggest songs of 2012.

2. Calvin Harris featuring Ne-Yo – “Let’s Go”
Continuing the theme of mainstream musical acts mixing with EDM beats, Harris, like Guetta, has the ability to bring in the big names for his tunes. This song landed on a Pepsi commercial as well as being one of the best songs to fire up a crowd in 2012.

1. Swedish House Mafia – “Don’t You Worry Child”
In my experience, there are only a few songs that can stop the crowd at a club dead in its tracks and cause the entire place to start singing along. This is one of those songs.  Swedish House Mafia played the main stage at Coachella in 2012, the first time that was accomplished by any EDM act. While it’s a shame they’re now going through their farewell tour, you can feel safe in knowing that each individual member of the group will continue to play afterwards.

Jonathan Colon, Joseph Fortsall, and Chuck Daleiden put up monstrous 13 point weeks in Week 16 of our BroBible NFL Pickem Challenge. We still have a tie atop the standings between Erik Putz and Jerry Rivera, but they can’t suffer a bad week with numerous contenders behind them.

Survivor Pick of the Week:

SEATTLE over St. Louis
We’re down to the last week of survivor pools. Depending on your pool’s format, you either keep going into the playoffs or you split the pot after this week. Either way, you don’t want to be standing there, holding your cock, having made it 16 weeks only to come up short in Week 17.

If you’ve saved the Seahawks it’s because you’ve never been convinced about their talent despite knowing they play much better at home. Seattle has proven over the last three weeks that they’ve turned the corner into becoming one of the better teams in the league. They can grab a division title if they win and San Francisco loses, so they’ll have everything to play for. St. Louis certainly isn’t a pushover, but Seattle is all business right now.

Locks of the Week:

Chicago -3.5 over DETROIT
The Bears need to win and get a little help from the Vikings in order to make it to the playoffs. They came through with a big win in Arizona last week and should be able to go out there and dominate another inferior team.

Houston -4.5 over INDIANAPOLIS
The Texans have looked extremely mortal in recent weeks. They’ve been exposed as a bit of a fraud, but they find themselves in a fortunate situation this week because Indianapolis is locked in as the #5 seed. The Colts will likely rest their starters for a portion of the game, so the Texans have a great chance to seize the day and the #1 overall seed.

NEW ENGLAND -10.5 over Miami
Other than the blip against the 49ers on Sunday Night Football, the Patriots have been humming along like a machine. It’s rather weird that a team who has played this well over the season could end up as the #3 seed despite having wins over both the #1 and #2 seeds. Expect things to be all business in New England on Saturday as the Dolphins’ players look forward to their offseason.

Trap Game of the Week:

Philadelphia +8.5 over N.Y. GIANTS
One wouldn’t have expected a Giants/Eagles contest in Week 17 to be meaningful to only one of the teams at the beginning of the season, but that’s exactly the case. The Eagles find themselves in an interesting situation because Michael Vick returns under center after Nick Foles got injured. The Giants struggle more with mobile quarterbacks, so this is probably not what they were hoping for. It would be a typical Giants situation to make the playoffs (they need to win and have Chicago, Minnesota, and Dallas all lose¸but they’ve shot themselves in the foot one too many times this year.

Rest of the Picks:

BUFFALO -3.5 over N.Y. Jets
Mark Sanchez is back at quarterback for the Jets?!? And we thought his days of giving us amusing material was over. Not so fast, my friend…

Tampa Bay +7.5 over ATLANTA
Atlanta has everything locked up. They’re sitting pretty as the #1 seed in the NFC and will look to rest their players this weekend. The Buccaneers have been in a nosedive since reaching 6-6, so we’ll see if they have already called it quits on 2012. It’s one of the tougher games of the day to deal with, but I have to think Atlanta’s priority to rest players wins out.

Carolina +4.5 over NEW ORLEANS
We’ll have to see whether the Panthers play as well to start 2013 as they’ve ended 2012, but they’ve been rather impressive in recent weeks. The season can’t end fast enough for New Orleans.

TENNESSEE -4.5 over Jacksonville
Both of these teams are pretty terrible and I have no idea what motivation either of them has, but I’ll stick with the home team because at least they’ve been halfway-decent in recent weeks.

PITTSBURGH -6.5 over Cleveland
Is it possible for the Steelers to come out flatter than they have when their playoff life was on the line? It’s just hard to go against them as long as Colt McCoy is lining up at quarterback for Cleveland.

CINCINNATI -3.5 over Baltimore
Neither of these teams is expected to give it a full go given that they’re both firmly entrenched in their playoff positions. For whatever it’s worth, Cincinnati has been playing better ball than Baltimore in recent weeks and probably has a bit of a chip on its shoulder against a team that has dominated the series in recent years.

SAN FRANCISCO -15.5 over Arizona
The move to Brian Hoyer would make Arizona a more viable underdog against most other teams, but not San Francisco. Not only are they pissed off after getting their asses handed to them last week, but they know they need to win in order to prevent Seattle from winning the division.

DENVER -16.5 over Kansas City
It was obvious that Denver had an easy schedule during the second half of the season, but they’ve come through the situation without one pitfall. It’s business as usual in Mile High.

Green Bay -3.5 over MINNESOTA
Finally we have a game in which both teams will be motivated to lace it up. While Adrian Peterson rushing for 2,000 yards and single-handedly lifting his team into the playoffs is a nice story, the Vikings’ defense matches up pretty poorly with Green Bay. Look for the Packers to carve up Minnesota’s weak secondary given that the game is played inside on the faster surface.

SAN DIEGO -7.5 over Oakland
Hopefully this is Norv Turner’s swansong in San Diego. Good luck taking Oakland and whoever (Matt Leinart or Tyrell Pryor) plays quarterback in relief for the injured Carson Palmer.

SEATTLE -10.5 over St. Louis
Hopefully Seattle doesn’t suffer a letdown after its showcase on Sunday Night Football last week.

WASHINGTON -3.5 over Dallas
This game was flexed to Sunday night because it has all the makings of a classic. Has Dallas learned anything from Thanksgiving when RG3 completely bent them over? Can you back Dallas based on what you’ve seen from Jason Garrett and Tony Romo in big games? I can’t.

Last Week: 8-8
Season: 113-124-3
Locks: 22-25-1
Survivor: 14-2

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