‘Motor City Miracle’ Counters ‘Music City Miracle’, and Other Awesome NFL Week 3 Highlights

by 5 years ago

Motor and Music City Miracles: 


What has now become an instant classic of sorts got started with a re-enactment of the Titans' famed “Music City Miracle play from 12 years ago, shown below. This was so good, it merited it's own post. Country music style, we'll be playing this Over and Over Again more than Nelly and Tim McGraw. However, the dramatics were ultimately countered by the Lions in a huge way. After Matthew Stafford left due to injury, backup Shaun Hill found Calvin Johnson with 20 seconds left–a play that came after a negated turnover–to cut the lead to 7. The Lions then recovered the ensuing onside kick, and coverted this improbable Hail Mary as time expired to send the game into overtime. Detroit's Titus Young was the hero who made this ridiculous grab.

After a WILD game, the Titans walked away with the OT victory. 


Jamal Chaarles Goes Fast 

91 Yards later, J-Chaarles finds the end zone. The Chiefs offensive leader his having a career day, rushing for well over 200 yards. 

Sanchez Dings Tebow 

Passive-aggressive, much? Sh*t should be on BRAVO. 


Trent Richardson Forgets to Get Tackled 

Seems to be a trend, lately. This guy is a WORKHORSE. 


Pierre Thomas Makes Some Magic 

The Saints pouring on the offense is kind of like frathouse bathroom vomit–you can count on it being there every single weekend. 


Your Weekly Jay Cutler Madness

Trying to rebound from last Thursday's heinous lost against Green Bay, Jay Cutler got right back into the INT game. Then, sh*t got wild. 


Alex Smith Doesn't Quite Get There 

It's been that kind of afternoon for the Niners.  


Aaaaand, Tony Romo 

“Anything you could do I could do better” — Tony Romo, to Jay Cutler 


Jared Odrick Gets the Sack, Channels His Inner Pee-Wee Herman

Jared Odrick's a tad bigger than Pee Wee Herman, but this is a dance that transcends all shapes and sizes


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