‘I Guess Tom Brady Is My Daddy,’ and More Week 5 Highlights

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Props to Cosby Sweaters and SB Nation for their unwavering excellence. 


“I Guess Tom Brady Is My Daddy” 

It was that kind of day for Peyton Manning, who fell to Tom Brady and the Pats once again.  


Lance Briggs Takes It To the House

The Bears defense, doing what they do best. 


Kirk Cousins Hits Up the Rookie Party 

After RGIII went down, fellow rookie Kirk Cousins took the baton. Judging by this play, RGIII may not be the only rising star in town. 


Ziggy Hood Needs Dance Lessons 

He chipped in on the Vick takedown. But the afterparty?


Andrew Luck is One Tough Dude 

Nick Perry attempted to dislodge Andrew Luck's body from the rest of his body. Perry gets the sack, but Luck proved his grit, seemingly unfazed by the smackdown. 


Reggie Wayne's Still Got It 

Luck or Manning, Reggie Wayne is still one helluva receiver.  


Fat Guys Make Picks Too


The Legend of Julio Jones: Growing Every Week 

A nice portfolio piece for “Best QB/WR pairing of 2012.” Starring Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. 

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