U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball Team Vows to Continue Competing in Bikinis

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Despite evil Olympic officials changing the beach volleyball dress code, allowing players in London to wear less revealing swimsuits or even shorts and T-shirts, Misty May-Treanor and her teammates have vowed to continue rocking two-piece bikinis. Godspeed, Misty.

From the New York Post, which is really doing some important reporting work in London right now:

“We’re not uncomfortable in our bikinis,” said team member Jen Kessy.

“Growing up in southern California, that’s what you wear from when you’re a little kid to now in the summertime.”

Treanor said she loves to compete in her skimpy, bottom-baring bikini because “what you see is what you get — there’s no airbrushing.”

“I grew up on the beach, grew up in a bikini,” said May-Treanor, who has won two gold medals with her partner, Kerri Walsh.

While the Americans have let us know they're set on playing the sport the way it's meant to be played, we'll have to wait and see if the cruel, dispassionate hand of British weather will ruin it anyway. Temperatures are expected to hover around the high-60s and low-70s in London next week, but that could change any minute. This is the U.K., after all.

(Also, I'm almost two months on the job, and I finally get an excuse to post my all-time favorite picture. 'Bout damn time.)

Via New York Post

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