Take My Eyes, But Not the Shirt: Presenting the World’s Most Hideous Football Jersey

by 5 years ago

A picture is worth a thousand (curse) words. These clear aesthetic wonders will be proudly worn by the football team at Carol City High School in Delray Beach, Florida. 

While most “Native American”-themed sports teams generally try to stay away from offensive iconography, Carol City has instead chosen to push the pedal to the floor and smash their football team headlong into the “INDIANS, EVERYBODY!” brick wall.

It's not just that their helmets have become fabulous orange-and-grey headdresses. It's not even that THERE IS AN AMERICAN INDIAN CHIEF ON THEIR CROTCHES OH DEAR SWEET LORD. No, it is the combination of ALL of these elements with one of the worst color schemes possible, and to top it all off, “digital”-style team name and numbers on the jerseys, like the only free font available on the website they were browsing was “Tamagotchi.”

Here's a fun game. What's more tolerable, this jersey or this song? 

And just to drive the point home, we'll conclude with this:

[H/T: SBNation]

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