Apparently Yasel Puig Banged Bai Ling at the Playboy Mansion This Summer

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She's also pretty damn hot. And if this unverified report is true, a bit of an exhibitionist nymphomaniac. The blog Crazy Days and Nights is revealing the people behind their best Blind Items of the Year. This one goes like this: 

With all the sex in the history of the grounds of the Playboy Mansion, this weekend set the record for loudest coupling between this C+ list mostly movie actress/reality star/foreign born and this B list athlete who is A+ in his own corner of the sports world. She would not stop screaming. She would also not let the athlete go until he finished and he was definitely trying to escape.

Today they say it was Puig and Ling, which is awesome because Latin-Asian fusion cuisine is awesome and I assume the sex is the same kind of tasty. Also of note: That was from back in July, which means the statute of limitations to charge Ling with rape has probably expired. Also of note, two: Bai Ling is 47 and Puig is 23. Also of note, three: this may not be true. 

[H/T @sundownmotel, Puig image via USA Today]

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