Amanda Bynes naked pictures on Twitter happened

Yep. Amanda Bynes posted topless naked pictures on Twitter last night. She’s officially won the Internet.

Now I knew the day of Amanda Bynes posting naked pictures on the Internet was coming I just didn’t think it would happen this fast. Her progression from crazyass Tweets to weird videos to shaving her head to posting scantily clad photos has been impressively quick.

So, in doing exactly as she requested, here are the topless photos that she shared on her Twitter account.

Amanda Bynes nude picture twitter

Amanda Bynes, Twitter

Amanda Bynes naked picture twitter

Amanda Bynes, Twitter

(Of course I had to cover the naughty bits, but you can see them here and here if you want. Just come back when you’re done.)

Also, this apparently happened…


So there you go.

Check out Guyism’s Katie Nolan walking around NYC dressed up as Amanda Bynes.