This Bruce Willis cross-dressing photo is sure to become a meme because it’s ridiculous

Bruce Willis like you’ve never seen him before…unless you go to those types of clubs.

This photo was posted to Reddit after Rumor Willis put it on Twitter a few days ago. It shows a very young Bruce Willis dressed like a very old woman for reasons unknown. Maybe it was for a role? Maybe it was for a family party? Maybe Bruce does some things late at night that people would be surprised about. The reasoning unknown and that’s probably for the best.

Willis is a macho action star but this photo leads me to believe he’s got a tender side and more than a few drawers of hosiery.

Let’s see how many Bruce Willis jokes can be made just from this photo. I’ll start off — “Not long ago, Willis did a different kind of ‘Moonlighting.'”

Ugh. That sucked. Show me how it’s done. Leave your best quips in the comments.

[via Reddit]

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