Charisma Carpenter got very naked for her birthday

charisma carpenter naked birthday

We’ve told you in the past that Charisma Carpenter is AMAZING on social media and yesterday she proved it by posting a picture of herself naked for her 44th birthday. I dare say that she is the hottest 44 year-old on the planet. Then again, she is naked here so that might bias my opinion just a little bit today. Still…

Screw Fifty Shades of Grey, I just found everything I need right here thanks to one of the greatest women to ever appear on my boob tube (pun intended). #freethenipple, yo.

Of course, unlike some of the amazing bikini pictures Charisma shares on Twitter, we can’t bring you full-on nipplage here, BUT should you type this URL into your browser you might find what you’re seeking: You’re welcome.

charisma carpenter naked

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Photos: Charisma Carpenter, Twitter; Featureflash/Shutterstock