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by 6 years ago
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Christina Aguilera boobs

NBC/The Voice

Where do you stand on the Christina Aguilera debate? Is she still hot and sexy or well past her prime? Perhaps this Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology will help sway your decision.

*Enthusiastically jumps up, snatches kiss out of mid-air.*

A perfect example of Christina now...

...versus Christina a decade ago.

Two of the less subtle gals in Hollywood.

In fairness to Christina, Cee Lo sucks up all the dissolved oxygen in the studio.

Blah, blah, blah, boobies.

Is that how you gained all that weight?

Well, that's uh, interesting.

So. Much. Anger.

What animal was sacrificed so she could wear that?

What is this--Christina on the catwalk?

This is like the sepia version of an earlier GIF (catering to our color blind friends).

Her Katy Perry impression?

Ah, old school Christina.

Serious question---is that a diaper?

From the "Your Body" music video.

Yea, keep eating that ice cream.

Truly the weirdest Christina GIF on the internet.

See, she agrees.

Moulin Rouge or something I guess.

*Moves uncomfortably in chair*

Hey Christina, there's a creepy guy behind you mimicking your every move.

GIF credit: Aguilera GIFS, Tumblr, GIF Planet

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