Courtney Stodden released a new single

by 8 years ago
courtney stodden


Courtney Stodden, the *cough* 17 year-old wife of actor Doug Hutchinson, 51, has released a new single called Reality. And just when I was getting over finding out that Octomom is going to do porn. (I’d link you to that story, but I figure if you want to know more, go find it yourself.)

Because anything I might say would probably just get me in trouble (she’s only 17 you know), I’ll let her describe the song.

Take it away, Courtney (via Fox News)…

“The song is about clubbing and dancing with your sexy partner,” Stodden told “To me, it’s a story about lust. It’s about falling in love with someone. Is it in your head, or is it lust?”

Yeah, okay, that’s enough. Here’s the song. Someone shoot me.

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