How well do you know your lingerie models?

Since it’s Friday and the weekend is almost upon us I thought today we’d take a little quiz involving several super sexy Frederick’s of Hollywood models. Sounds good? Okay, let’s do this thing. While I LOVE the videos that Frederick’s of Hollywood puts out featuring their sexy lingerie on even sexier models, I never know exactly who the models are in their videos. So today, since you guys all know your supermodels (right?) I am going to have you take a look and see if you can name them all. Then next time we share one of their smoking hot videos we can give credit where credit is due.

Oh yeah, if you CAN name them all, you get nothing but the sheer pride of showing off to the world just how much you know about sexy lingerie models. I can’t think of a better prize than that. Okay, maybe cash, but this is a definite close second.

Photo credit: YouTube/Frederick’s

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