Gracie Carvalho was created to model sexy lingerie

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Gracie Carvalho. Too long. Thank goodness she recently posed for this sexy lingerie photo shoot so we can take a look at her once again. Of all the Brazilian models out there (and there are like 10,000 of them) Gracie Carvalho is one of our favorites. Pictures like these make that easy to understand, doesn’t it?

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That’s why when we ran across this new photo shoot she did for this new collection of lingerie from Next we were very excited. As you can see, the folks over at Next know a thing or two about lingerie and one of those things they know is that if you put Gracie Carvalho in it, suddenly the lingerie looks even better. I wonder…do you think this is what Gracie wears on a daily basis? I’d think to think that it is. Let’s go with that.

Photo credit: Next