Perhaps Irina Shayk is the best bikini model in the world

A little bit ago I asked if Candice Swanepoel was the best bikini model in the world. Irina Shayk and her bikinis might have something to say about that answer. These bikinis Irina is modeling for Beach Bunny Swimwear are also pretty damn hot. Of course, it helps when the woman modeling them looks like Irina, doesn’t it? Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Irina modeling for Beach Bunny, nor is she the first model we’ve seen working for them (Melissa Bolona, Chrissy Teigen, Valerie Van Der Graaf, Xenia Deli, and Kate Upton come to mind), but that doesn’t mean we will ever get tired of seeing pictures like this, does it?

Can’t get enough Irina Shayk? We’ve got much more right over here.

Photo credit: Beach Bunny