Jade Bryce makes her case for sexiest MMA ring girl

Jade Bryce, for those unfamiliar, as I was until recently, is a ring girl for Bellator MMA. And while the organization isn’t as famous as the UFC, Jade is proof positive that they can compete in the ring girl department. I don’t know what “La Faim” means (yes, I could look it up), but it must mean something sexy because that’s what this video of Jade Bryce most certainly is – it’s one of the sexiest videos of 2013. It was shot by a genius of a man named Matt Blum, and being the genius that he is, he also took pictures. I so want to hang out with this guy.

So who is sexier? Jade Bryce, Arianny Celeste, or Brittney Palmer?

Photo credit: Vimeo/Matt Blum