Jennifer Lopez is single, almost 45, sharing sexy pics on Instagram, and twerking

by 5 years ago

jennifer lopez bikini

The recently single Jennifer Lopez has life all figured out. At 44-plus, with a new album, A.K.A., coming out tomorrow, J-Lo knows the best way to get attention is to share super hot pics on Instagram and release a video of herself twerking. Because, as we all know, twerking is still VERY cool. Especially when performed by a mother of two.

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Lopez really held nothing back either when it came to the pics she shared. It was like a photo album of hotness exploded on her Instagram account. She must have been feeling PRETTY good about that World Cup performance despite the malfunctions.

PLUS! A special bonus bikini candid of Jenny on her day off…

You didn’t think I forgot the twerking video did you? No wonder Maks has his eye on her.

Yes, it’s quite the digital world we live in now where 45 year-old women, famous ones at that, feel the need to share lots and lots of sultry pics with the entire world and twerk in music videos. If that’s not societal progress I just don’t know what is.

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