Jennifer Nukul might be America’s sexiest nurse

Another month, another new set of sexy pictures of a model to put on your radar from Rukus magazine. This month it’s California beauty Jennifer Nukul. As you know if you have checked out the loads of pics we’ve shared before from our pals over at Rukus they really know how to spot beautiful women and get them to pose in all sorts of wonderful outfits. Those outfits mostly being bikinis (the best outfits). As for Jennifer, she’s been modeling since 2006, even though she still works as a full-time nurse – gotta visit that hospital – and runs a graphic design business, and has been on the cover of several magazines. She’s even getting her Bachelor’s degree so she can do even more work as a nurse because she says that’s truly her first love. I think what we have here boys is what I like to call “marriage material.”

And if you think this is good, you should check out the rest of this issue.

Photo credit: Rukus