Jon Hamm is not proud of his days in ‘soft-core porn’

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Can you imagine Jon Hamm working in soft-core films? Wait, scratch that. Of course you can, but he isn’t proud of those days calling them “soul-crushing.” It isn’t the way it sounds though. Hamm was just a struggling actor back in the 1990s so doing things like going on shows like The Big Date and working for Skinemax was how he made ends meet.

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Hamm tells us all about those days in a new interview he did for the cover of Vanity Fair

Hamm talks to [writer Jim] Windolf about that recently resurfaced episode of The Big Date from 1996, revealing that the show came at a low point: “I was actually at that time working as a set dresser for Cinemax soft-core-porn movies,” he says. “It was soul-crushing.”

But proving that there can be light at the end of even a soul-crushing tunnel, Hamm eventually made good with Mad Men.

Of his role on Mad Men, Hamm tells Windolf, “This is the best job I’ve ever had and maybe ever will have in my life — it’s so fun to play all of this. It can be relentlessly dark. It can be terribly sexually inappropriate, is a way to say it. But who else gets a chance to do any of that stuff? There’s so much there.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m just curious which Skinemax: After Dark shows Hamm worked on, because if one of them was Emmanuelle in Space with Krista Allen, his life couldn’t have been that awful.

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