Lindsay Lohan is going to be on ‘Glee’

by 7 years ago

Reports are issuing from the bowels of Hollywood that Li-Lo is in talks with Fox to play herself on an episode of Glee this season. Oh boy, it’s Lindsay Lohan comeback number eight million! I’m going to be absolutely honest with you out there in Guyism land and say that I have never and will never see the appeal of Glee. Musicals are what you pretend to watch to make girls sleep with you, but usually you only need to suffer through one a year. Doing it every week is North Korea-level brain torture.


But apparently the show made people like Gwyneth Paltrow, the most unlikable woman on Earth, so maybe it can work wonders for Lindsay. Paltrow is actually the impetus for Lohan’s interest in the show, as her Holly Holliday character used Lindsay as a punchline last season. But since everybody knows Lindsay’s acting days are basically behind her, she’ll be appearing in the last resort of the washed-out celeb: playing herself as a guest judge at the national glee club championships, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Oh, who are we kidding? She’s going to get wrecked on booger sugar and get thrown off the set, then Tweet about it for four straight days. And then she’ll have some other opportunity to reclaim her lost stardom. Which she’ll blow. Repeat until dead.

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