Lindsay Lohan needs more insurance than anybody

by 6 years ago
lindsay lohan


Since Li-Lo can barely keep it together, it costs a lot of extra money to put her in a movie. Like a lot. We all know that Lindsay Lohan is box office poison, so it’s not surprising that most of her work now comes from made-for-TV movies. Her latest feature, Liz & Dick, is a biopic of Elizabeth Taylor for the Lifetime network. Here’s a little backstage info for you: whenever an actor is cast for a project, the producers need to take out insurance on them in case something happens. Could be an injury, could be an arrest, it doesn’t matter: if they drop out, the production needs that extra money to find a new star, reshoot, et cetera. For most actors, this insurance is fairly cheap, because they’re not going to screw up.

Not for Lindsay. The producer of Liz & Dick went on the record this week to say that Lohan may be “the most insured actress to ever walk on a soundstage.” This isn’t the first time that Lindsay has had insurance troubles – she was bumped from the production of Inferno when they didn’t want to shell out the cash to insure her – but Lifetime seems willing to spend the cash, betting that it’ll lead to good ratings. Good luck with that, guys. E! has the whole scoop.

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