Lucy Hale’s dad is not down with her ‘Cosmo’ cover saying ‘Best. Sex. Ever. #HellYeah!’

by 5 years ago

lucy hale cosmo cover

We’re big fans of Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale here so when her dad says he doesn’t like all the sex talk on her Cosmo cover it gets our attention.

Now any self-respecting dad would totally get how Lucy’s pop might have some issue with captions like, “Best. Sex. Ever. #HellYeah!” Especially if you were the dad of someone so darn cute, and especially when she decided to audition for a part in Fifty Shades of Grey. And even more so when she’s posed for a magazine that gives out sex advice like this.

Hale took her dad’s disappointment well though, captioning the photo, “Sorry for the captions dad.”

Darn right. Now go clean up your room.

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Photo: Lucy Hale, Instagram

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