Better than an Oscar: Melanie Iglesias voted ‘Most Fappable Instagram Hottie’

Melanie Iglesias who took the second spot on our list of the 50 sexiest videos of 2013, can now take home another honor: Most Fappable Instagram Hottie. Her parents are going to be so proud.

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According to a poll conducted by PornHub, via our buds over at MTV Guy Code, Melanie took home 28% of the vote. Damn, 28%? That’s some domination right there.

Second place was Tianna Gregory with 16% (who indeed does have an amazing Instagram account), third place with 12% was Bryana Holly, with Emily Ratajkowski of “Blurred Lines” fame taking 7% of the vote for fourth place (and yes, she too has had her Instagram account featured here – do we know our shit or what?).

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