Michael Phelps’ 41-Year-Old Ex-Girlfriend Who Was Born Male Is Releasing Hardcore Porn Based On Her And Phelps

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You remember Taylor Lianne Chandler, right? She’s Michael Phelps’ supposed one-time girlfriend who was allegedly with him on the night of his DUI arrest. That’s all fine and dandy and normally no one would care who Michael Phelps is/was dating, except…



…she was born a boy! An intersexual boy named David Roy Fitch, to be exact. Since even I wasn’t sure what being an “intersexual” meant here’s a lovely little breakdown for you via Wikipedia, my go-to for when words are big and my brain is small:


Wow, that was NOT helpful. Whatever, in layman’s terms it means that Taylor was born with male genitalia and no testicles, but she also had a uterus and no ovaries…which I’m also not finding helpful because I need a visual and yet really, really don’t want to see one. Regardless, she underwent surgery to become a full-on woman, so if you’re hoping to see some intersexual-lookin’ body parts in her new porno Going for the Gold, you’re shit outta luck.

But you know what you get to see instead of intersexual body parts? Michael Phelps’ ex girlfriend getting boned by a male porn star playing Phelps. That in itself is enough of a draw for me, honestly.

The hard core film is called Going for the Gold and features a male porn star playing a swimmer alongside Chandler.

Vivid founder Steve Hirsch told TMZ; ‘This is the most unique footage Vivid has ever released. The sky is the limit on this movie.’

Via Daily Mail

As for how Taylor and Phelps met, she claims it was via Tinder with their first date being to a Baltimore Ravens game.

‘One thing led to the next, and we made love during halftime,’ she claims in the interview.
‘Later, we had sex again. The intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman.’

She also told the magazine that she never lied to the swimmer about her past, saying it just never came up.

Via Daily Mail

Lying by omission? I see you gurl, that’s some tricky shit right there.

Unfortunately for those of you who are for some reason really pumped about this porno, the release date is as of yet unknown…but I’d think it should be sometime soon, considering that Taylor’s getting paid in the six-figure range for the flick and how excited Vivid is about it.

*Cue everyone crying about how they should’ve just done porn and make $$$$ instead of going to college.

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