Misa Campo stripping to ‘Suit & Tie’ on video will make your day

Misa Campo, for those unfamiliar, is one of the sexiest models on the planet. Seriously, she is. For proof I present this video of her stripping to the Justin Timberlake song “Suit & Tie.” Watch it and you’ll see why I call Misa Campo one of the sexiest models on the planet. For a little background, Misa was born in Montreal, moved to California when she was two, then moved back to Montreal in her teens. She was named Miss Rocawear in 2006 at the Sport Compact Performance auto show and her modeling career was on it’s way. Now then, hurry up and watch this video (it has 2013 sexiest video of the year potential) before Justin Timberlake’s handlers make her remove it for using his song. (Though if they did that, they’d truly be the dumbest people on the planet.)

Photo credit: YouTube/Misa Campo